Euromedia Research - SIR

Listening to, monitoring and analysing conversations taking place in Web 2.0, through the proprietary platform of S.I.R. (Social Intelligence Research)

…because it focuses on analysing all the main sources that make Web 2.0 “social” and shared

…because it is based on structured processes of listening, categorization and analysis of on-line conversations (web crawling, parsing, filtering, information mining)

…because it is based on a system of scientific research and produces analytical data that are re-processed and investigated by a team of analysts, statisticians and researchers. More details


Euromedia Research - IMSE

A method for which Ghial Media owns the trademark, as well as the intellectual property. It is an innovative technique that is developed starting with a semantic analysis of the statements made in interviews. From an application point of view, IMSE© is a method particularly suited to:

  • Research with diagnostic sensitivity that goes beyond attitudes and opinions.
  • Exploratory research seeking to identify non-explicit pluses and minuses.
  • Research that requires projecting scenarios and segmentation.
  • Reactions to communication campaigns – image of products or public figures – profile of products or brands – analysis of opinions and political or consumer attitudes – concept tests.

Euromedia Research - interviste telefoniche

The CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system is the most classic and consolidated tool in the world of surveys, social research and
market research.


Euromedia Research - CAWI ricerche online

The “people of the Internet” are nowadays increasingly the active segment of the population, the most highly educated and technologically advanced. Conducting on-line interviews is, therefore, necessary to effectively analyse the Italian population of Internet users

Focus Group

Euromedia Research - focus group

A particularly in-depth, qualitative detection technique, based on interviews among a small group of people involved in a collective discussion conducted by a psychologist skilled in group dynamics that facilitates spontaneous statements and manages and coordinates the discussion.

Talk Group Online

Euromedia Research - talk online

In the on-line focus groups the discussion among the participants, selected with the same criteria of selection as traditional focus groups, takes place by remote connection through “video-conferencing” systems such as Skype. Benefits: time and cost optimization, facilitated interaction among the participants.


Euromedia Research - interviste face to face

When it is necessary to collect especially detailed information there is not a more reliable and direct method. The CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) system allows matching the interview stage with the data entry phase, reducing the chance of error and optimizing time and costs.  The training and professionalism of the interviewers are two key aspects that Euromedia Research tries to treat in the best way possible.